Gentlemen, start your tap shoes! Or whatever you have to wear. Owensboro native and 2-time Daytona 500 champ Michael Waltrip could be heading to Dancing with the Stars!

It's rumored that the 51-year-old NASCAR superstar will be joined on the hit reality competition series by an eclectic collection of celebrities.

You gotta wonder what the backstage atmosphere (and I do mean the air) will be like with 76-year-old Tommy Chong as part of the cast.

On the other end of the timeline, there's 17-year-old Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson, taking a break from the bayou.

Runner Lolo Jones, Back to the Future star Lea Thompson, Antonio Sabato Jr., Alphonso Ribiero, and people I've never heard of (gotta be honest) like Betsey Johnson, Jonathan Bennet, Janel Parish and Bethany Mota are also expected to trip the light fantastic.

Oh, and yeah, I probably do need to emphasize "expected" since the New York Daily News story says ABC couldn't be reached for comment.

So yeah, Michael Waltrip is RUMORED to be a Dancing with the Stars cast mate for Season 19. Could bode well. The last race car driver who participated, Helio Castraneves, won the whole thing in Season 5.

So bring it on home, Michael!


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