Along with Andria's Candies, it really WAS the last vestige of a connection between the "good ole days" of downtown Owensboro and today. But now, M&M Jewelers will be looking elsewhere.

According to WEHT's Sam Knef, store owner Craig Grant, whose father opened Grant Jewelers on 2nd Street way back in 1937, will look for another location in Owensboro, but not downtown.

And, he says, that's because of parking issues.

M&M Jewelers has been on that corner of 2nd and Allen since I was a LITTLE kid in 1969.

So, naturally, it's been there as long as I can remember.

But Grant says that parking has become too big a problem and, now that he's found a buyer for the property, will be out of M&M's present location by July 2017.

No word yet on where his location will be.