I learned, just today, that the Green River District Health Department has a mosquito surveillance program. Makes sense, doesn't it?

The most annoying insect the summer has to offer can also be a carrier of some pretty nasty viruses.

Like West Nile, for example.

The GRDHD's surveillance program, according to a press release from the organization, has revealed that there are mosquitoes in Owensboro infected with West Nile.

The GRDHD told me that no positive cases in humans have been reported, yet, and that's good news. And, in fact, there have been no such reports in two years and steps are being taken to eliminate the threat of these infected mosquitoes, but they also want us to know that only a small sampling of mosquitoes are tested. That means risk for insect-borne illness isn't confined to just one area.

Just make sure you always use insect repellant when you're going to be outside.

Long sleeves and pants as well as socks are suggested.

And, of course, get rid of any standing water around the house, if you can.

Thankfully, we're headed into fall and cooler temperatures should mean fewer encounters with mosquitoes. Plus, we're all starting to put our shorts and short-sleeved shirts away.

Summer's great. Some of the elements that accompany it? Not so much.



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