I'm not exactly sure of the order, but my immediately-before-immediately-after-school viewing was comprised of Captain Kangaroo, The Peggy Mitchell Show, Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, and The Electric Company.

Well, since today is the 50th birthday of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, how about a trip down memory lane with some videos of some Mr. Rogers segments.

I even found my favorite from when I was little (yes, I was little)...how CRAYONS are made:

See, just stuff we kids didn't know. He totally got that we had questions and he wanted to answer them.

How DOES this crayon come into being? How DOES a restaurant operate?

Anyone doing anything remotely like this, now? Or has "inquisitive" gone by the wayside?

Hey, I'm still inquisitive. You think I didn't watch that crayon segment AGAIN?

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