I was a few hours behind on watching the ACM's, I'm actually still watching the show, but I feel the need to apologize. No, it can't wait until the morning, it needs to be said now.

When I heard that Nick Jonas would be joining Dan + Shay, I thought, "Now, he's (Nick) gonna make those boys look silly. How are they gonna sing with him?"

Turns out, those boys completely blew me away and that performance, in my opinion, was amazing!

This video is kinda rough, but you get the idea. For starters, Nick's new song "Chains" is my new fav jam. Yes, I am a country DJ and country is my first and greatest love, but I enjoy all types of music, especially pop. I've enjoyed Dan + Shay's singles, but I didn't fully appreciate the extent of their vocals until tonight. My goodness, they sounded awesome! Again, this video doesn't give them the credit they deserve, but if you watched the show, I'm sure you agree. Now, no, not a lick of that song was country, but, it was still fabulous!

Ok, I need to get back to the show, just had to share my thoughts with y'all, ha!

Oh, does anyone know if Nick Jonas is old enough for a 30-something to have a crush on him? Asking for a friend. ;)

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