About two hours from here, on the other side of Elizabethtown, sets a brand new restaurant called Star Hill Provisions.

The folks at Only in Your State tell us that it's the first restaurant to operate on distillery property--in this case, Maker's Mark.

It just opened this month and is already generating great buzz, based on reviews on its Facebook page.

The menu is loaded with Kentucky favorites like the Hot Brown and Bourbon Balls and there are Kentucky-inspired cocktails, as well.

But it's not a huge menu. It is, after all, only open for 5 hours a day on the days that it's open.

Also, I saw another Kentucky favorite on the menu and you did too, if you clicked that link.

Did you notice what I noticed in the description of "Kentucky Burgoo?"

Yep, no mention of mutton.Just beef, pork, chicken, and vegetables...and bourbon, of course.

Oh, I get it. Since they're two hours away from Daviess County, they replace the MUTTON with MAKER'S MARK.

Well, I know some folks who wouldn't mind that.

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