Sunday night TV, don't even get me started! I think the only reason I knew about Nik Wallenda's tightrope walk across the Grand Canyon that aired on the Discovery Channel was through Twitter. I'm not afraid of heights, yet I've never flown on an airplane. The most air traveling I ever did was go up in a hot air balloon for a few minutes in eighth grade, exciting stuff! But as far as balancing and heights? Um, I'm a little apprehensive; I don't how those gals in the Olympics do it.

Back to Mr. Wallenda. it's now being reported he didn't actually cross the Grand Canyon. He didn't even do his death-defying stunt inside the park. Wallenda actually crossed the Little Colorado River Gorge, which is inside Little River Navajo Tribal Park. Folks, witness the magic of television.

See? You didn't think anything less of the stunt did you?

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