Never undervalue any body of water, especially a river. Do you realize how many thousands of people--including many you know--who don't live on or close to a river?

Since I always have, I wonder about those poor souls and their desperate need for water. And that's why I have ALWAYS appreciated living on the mighty Ohio River.

Dave Spencer/Townsquare Media

My love for it runs in my blood. My Uncle Vic walked out onto the middle of it back in the early 1950s when it was frozen far enough down that he could feel comfortable doing it. On the other hand, Mom--his sister--would not let me.

I take pictures of it all the time. Here's one from the Pre-Light Era.

Dave Spencer/Townsquare Media

And here's my contribution to the sunset category.

Dave Spencer/Townsquare Media

This leads me to Chris Conley's beautiful time-lapse video of Ohio River sunsets from 2020. Check it out:

When I'm out driving through the countryside seeing what I can see, rivers and lakes always get my attention. And sometimes they've made me slam on the brakes, often to the frustration of my passengers.

We're about to start 2021 and, for me, a whole new gallery of pictures from beautiful drives through Kentucky and Indiana. And there is NO telling what I'm liable to run into next.

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