May I have your attention, please? We have published authors in our midst. And they attend MIDDLE SCHOOL!

In fact, Lauren Mitchell, Julianna F. Allen, Jada R. Taylor, and Ava Wiggins attend Owensboro Middle School-North.

They're suspense novels and were written as part of National Novel Writing Month.

I am very, very impressed. Good writers--of books, screenplays, songs, whatever--always blow me away.

From Amazon, Lauren's Abducted is about a group of kids who go looking for their missing friend amid strange goings-on around town.

Julianna's No Escape tells the tale of a small-town girl with anxiety issues who gets kidnapped.

Jada's When Everything Changed relates the story of a young woman's struggles--of many types--while raising her younger sister.

In Ava's Transferred, a girl goes investigating after her best friend is absent from school for two weeks and no one seems to notice.

This is truly amazing and HUGE congratulations--in quadruplicate--are in order!



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