We're all in the same boat with COVID-19.  We've been at home for weeks, living our lives in virtual quarantine and trying to adjust to staying #HealthyAtHome.  Some of us are doing better than others.  Some of us are on the struggle bus, understandably.  Others are doing their very best to plow through and make the most out of this unexpected new normal.  Daniel Rigling of Owensboro has been hard at work writing some hilarious parody songs inspired by the current situation and he's created a video to go along with them.  If you're battling the COVID-19 blues, this will put a smile on your face.

Daniel wrote the parody lyrics, sang all the vocals and edited the video!  He added, in his YouTube description, this is in "no way meant to downplay the seriousness of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Please don't email your senator about me."

I have known Daniel for twenty-something years and he's always had an impeccable singing voice.  When he was a student at Daviess County High School, he routinely starred in school musicals and was tremendous, by the way.  I worked with high school students for years and, to this day, can vividly recall Daniel's performance of "Soliloquy" from the musical Carousel.

Today, he can be heard singing on the worship team at Living Hope Church.  As for the Quarantine Radio video, he created it for a virtual talent show at U.S. Bank, where he works.  For the record, he won!

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