I might be asked the question, after this is read, "How can you miss something that isn't there?"

Good point. Thing is, it IS there. It just isn't HERE.

Actually, I should say "they." Because THEY are going away. And THEY are Fuddruckers and Luby's Cafeteria.

I had a great aunt who lived in Weatherford, Texas. When we'd go out west for vacation, we'd always stop and visit on the way back. She was my grandmother's sister. Well, there were three things to which we grew accustomed when we'd visit Aunt Dot and her husband, Mal.

We'd always have blueberry pie. We'd call her the night before and tell her about when we'd get there and she would ALWAYS have a blueberry pie ready. And I'm not a fan, but hers was good.

THEN, we'd go out back and get our picture taken next to the largest pecan tree in Texas, which was on their property. Seriously, there's no telling how many pictures there are of all of us trying to wrap our arms around it.

Third tradition? A visit to nearby Fort Worth for a meal at Luby's Cafeteria. They're only located in Texas, and they are everywhere in the Lone Star State. And we'd always go.

Well, if other families enjoy a similar tradition, it will have to go by the wayside as Luby's has announced it will be closing.

Specifically, the legalese says the company "has approved and adopted a plan of liquidation and dissolution that provides for the sale of the Company's assets and distribution of the net proceeds to the Company’s stockholders, after which the Company will be dissolved."

That's a fancy way of saying, "It's time for Luby's fans to be sad."

But it's not just the cafeteria going by the wayside. The arguably more popular Fuddruckers (and I say more popular because there are many locations OUTSIDE of Texas), is also closing, as it is part of Luby's, Inc.

I've been to a Fuddruckers in Dallas and one in Florida. They're known for their burgers and that is wholly accurate. Amazing!

I know the one in Pigeon Forge gets a lot of traffic from folks here in the tri-state and will, no doubt, be missed. Sure, there's a lot of cool places to eat in the Smokies, but Fuddruckers is a nationwide favorite and, if what Fox Business indicates pans out, could be sold and continue.

But that remains to be seen.

But, MAN, those were good burgers.

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