I stumbled across this video on YouTube earlier this week.  Have you seen this?  Or, I suppose the better question would be . . . have you HEARD this?  A deer hunter in McLean County, Kentucky recorded these noises while sitting in his deer stand.  He thinks he may have captured Bigfoot howling!  Take a listen.

I will admit it.  I have never bought into the Bigfoot phenomenon.  But there are people around the United States, and folks right here in the WBKR listening area, who are convinced this legend is real.  I know people personally who swear they have seen him.  As a matter of fact, just last week, Kentucky's foremost expert on Bigfoot was in town for a seminar.  Attendance at the event was such a hot commodity that reservations were required.

When I saw this video online, there was quite a debate raging about what the deer hunter truly heard.  Was it a coyote?  Was it some other sort of animal out in the woods?  Or . . . was it Bigfoot?

What do you think?

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