We hear it all the time..."I don't like today's country. Whatever happened to real country music"? Well, I'm not saying that country music is gone, it's just shifting in different directions. Now, I like all types of music, so this shift doesn't really bother me much. But, you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who appreciates traditional county as much as I do. So, imagine my delight when Ray Scott visited us here at WBKR and brought that big, old school, deep country voice in here.

Ray sang a few songs for us here at the station and we loved his sound. I think you'll love his traditional country sound, too! Take a look...

Told y'all it was good, ha! Ray will be in the Tri-State a few times this summer if y'all want to check him out. He'll be at Hawg-n-Sauce in Mt. Vernon, Indiana on Thursday, May 28th and some girl named Jaclyn Graves is opening up for him, ha! I'll go on at 6:30pm and Ray will play at 7:30pm. Y'all come early and eat dinner, it's awesome!

He'll also be at the Big O Music Fest on Saturday, August 15th at Reid's Orchard with Jake Owen, Travis Tritt and more!

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