Of course, many of us felt those pandemic woes of being stuck inside, avoiding social gatherings, and losing the ability to dine out at our favorite restaurants.

However, with the negatives came the perk of more curbside pickup services offered by a plethora of stores.

Who can resist sitting safely (and comfortably) in their car while having groceries loaded right into their trunk, right? The ability to avoid long lines and crowded stores by shopping online and simply picking it up was a welcome luxury that saw a spike during the pandemic.

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Sam's Club members were some of those who enjoyed this service starting in June 2020. However, those members that have been enjoying the free curbside services offered by Sam's Club will soon see an end to this convenience on June 28th.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Sam's Club announced it will be ending free curbside pickup services for its basic members. Plus members are in luck as this will remain an option for those shoppers.

If you are a basic member, don't feel too heartbroken just yet! Basic members will be given the option to upgrade their membership for $10. The upgrade comes with other benefits like 2% cash back on certain items, free shipping, and early shopping access. That sounds like a sweet deal to me!

Liuba Bilyk/ Unsplash
Liuba Bilyk/ Unsplash

If you aren't feeling as gung-ho about upgrading your membership, you can still use the curbside services for a $4 pick-up fee. That'll be great for those days you just can't bring yourself to meander through aisles or if you're just too busy. But if you plan on doing it more than three times, might as well just upgrade or get your stuff at Walmart.

Basic members should keep a look out for an email with the upgrade offer so they can continue relishing the luxury of not leaving their car to shop.

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