Sara Evans may have missed out on contributing to the ‘Anywhere’ lyrics (her latest single), but she is not complaining one bit after snagging the tune for her latest album. The soon-to-be-hit was crafted by new songwriter on the rise, Jaren Johnston and Evans’ brother, Matt Evans.

“It was one of my first co-writes when I got my first publishing deal, actually,” Johnston tells Taste of Country of penning ‘Anywhere.’ “Glen Middleworth hooked me up with Matt Evans, who was at EMI at the time. We were supposed to write with Sara that day, but she ended up not coming up from Birmingham, so we just ended up writing it. It’s a cool song. It’s a young song as far as the way it was written. We were going for it.”

Tell your boss maybe you’ll come back / And maybe you won’t / Well, in life sometimes people take chances / Most times they don’t, oh yeah / Don’t wanna sit on the side of the road / While our dreams pass me by / I’m sick of livin’ my life in park / I wanna live it in drive,” the pair penned in the song’s lyrics.

“I think I was kind of taking a more rock ‘n roll side of it because I wasn’t even thinking that Sara would cut it,” adds Johnston, who also helped write Keith Urban‘s ‘You Gonna Fly’. “I was thinking it would be a guy tune. We wrote it at Matt’s house and put some cool lines in the chorus … got my rock ‘n roll on [laughs]. It came out great.”

‘Cause we can go anywhere / Yeah, we can go anywhere, I don’t care / California, Mississippi / All the way to New York City / As long as you’re riding shotgun with me / Anywhere, love will get us there,” they wrote for the lyrics of the chorus to Evans’ ‘Anywhere.’

“We had Emily West sing the original demo, and she loved it,” Johnston says. “Then Matt played that for Sara, and Sara loved it. They ended up cutting it about three and a half years ago, and it’s just now getting to be a single. Glen Middleworth did tell me when I turned it in – Emily West’s version of it – he said, ‘Jaren, this song is a hit and somebody’s going to cut it!’ He kind of called it … at least somebody cut it!”

Laughing, he adds, “We’ll see if it’s a hit or not!”

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