What a great idea! And what a great thing for the nation's largest supermarket chain to offer.

I have the Kroger Plus Card, the Kroger app, and now, THANKS to that app and my membership, I'm part of Kroger's Community Rewards Now program.

Through this program, Kroger helps communities across the country by donating a

percentage of a consumer's purchase to a designated organization.

Right now, the Owensboro-Daviess County Christmas Parade is a beneficiary of this Kroger program.

They're right. It was super easy for me to sign up with my existing online Kroger account.

And now, I can help the parade simply by grocery shopping.

Wasn't it Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire who said, "Help me help you?"

Well, Kroger's "helping us help others." I dig it.

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