Mindy McCready.  In a hot tub.  Riding a snowmobile.  Building a snowman.  Flirting with her real-life boyfriend at the time, Dean Cain.  And this wasn't a hit?  WHAT???   In 1996, Mindy McCready just sprinted out the blocks and recording studio to race straight up the Billboard country chart.  Her first single, "Ten Thousand Angels," peaked at #6.  Her follow-up, "Guys Do it All the Time," was a monster and hit the very top of the charts.  But that success didn't last long and, by 1998, Mindy was struggling.   Her sophomore CD, If I Don't Stay the Night, was primed to deliver more Top Ten hits . . . only it didn't.  And this song, the Kim Richey-penned "You'll Never Know," finally ran out of steam at #19. It was the last time that Mindy McCready would crack the Top 20.  But, if you ask me, it SHOULDA BEEN A HIT!  Listen!

It's hard to watch that video and not be reminded of the talent that Mindy McCready had.  She went from "country's newest starlet" to "flame out" in just two years.  And now, she's a country music punchline.  I personally think it's a massive shame and waste of potential and promise.  She had all the makings of a big country star:  the look, the voice and just a hint of bad girl in her (i.e. the hot tub).  Unfortunately for Mindy, the bad girl took over and cost the good girl a career.

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