On Project Runway each week, Heidi Klum says that, in the world of fashion, "One day you're in.  The next day, you're out."  The same thing can actually be said of country music.  Just ask 90's country superstar Trisha Yearwood, who totally ran out of chart steam as she headed into the year 2000.  Yep.  even Trisha Yearwood fell out of favor with country radio!!  In 1991, she came out of the gates fast with the #1 hit "She's in Love with the Boy."  And Trisha followed that up BIG TIME with even more #1 hits and a total of 18 Top Tens through 1999.  But, then, the streak came crashing to a halt.  And, in 2000, she released "Where Are You Now" and it didn't even come close the Top Ten . . . or Top 20 . . . or 30 . . . or even Top 40!!  How is that possible?  Because this song . . . SHOULDA BEEN A HIT!  Listen!


'Where Are You Now" was co-written by Mary Chapin Carpenter and Kim Richey and both provided harmony vocals on the track!  Dave Spencer and I saw Trisha in concert at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium that year and she opened the show with it.  It was an incredible, rousing anthem that showcased Trisha's considerable pipes and range.  And it was, unfortunately, a complete stiff.  In fact, Trisha has only officially released 8 singles since that song and all but one (the #4 hit "I Would've Loved You Anyway") were, comparitively speaking, duds.  But "Where Are You Now" . . . regardless of what Heidi Klum thinks about being in or out . . . SHOULDA been a hit!

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