Hey y'all! So, after browsing thru the mall yesterday, I realized that sometimes we just don't know how to dress ourselves. Sure, we're supposed to have this worked out by kindergarten, but come on...it happens!! Ha! So, here are some good rules to go by while shopping for spring dresses for your body types...

Pear Shaped (like me!): Look for something fitted on top to really show off that waist and a flared bottom. Also, patterns add proportion, so brighten it up girls!!

Busty (I don't like y'all!!): Wearing sleeveless allows you to show some skin without the eyes of young children and married men having to be covered!!  Also, try a dress that's slightly belted so it (attempts to) balance out your up-top width!! Also, go for all-0ver patterns.

Plus-sized(flaunt it girls!): Try a dress that's slightly fitted or belted to show off your pretty shape, don't hide those curves! It's really easy to add a skinny belt to a dress you may already have in your closet to spice it up and add shape!

Petite (yeah, we see ya down there!): Shoot for an above-the-knee dress with higher-cut waist lines to accentuate your legs! Also, limit the embellishments, like pockets, bows, or ruffles. Try something that's snug fitting (not too tight!) with some draping!

Skinny and Tall: We all hate you, you're on your own!!