Don't Leave These Items in Your Car During Extreme Cold
It's coming, the coldest temperatures and wind chill factors we've seen in quite some time. Your car may be a place where you normally store a lot of stuff you may not need right away, however, make sure the following items are not in your car while we go through the Polar Vortex.
LS on the movie 'Cars'
One of Lynyrd Skynyrd's most popular songs is 'Free Bird'. Hearing someone scream 'Free Bird' at concert, a ball game or a movie theater has become almost a cult phenomenon. It has also been done many times in movies and my all-time favorite example of this is from the movie…
NASCAR Movies On The Big Screen [VIDEO]
WBKR is your NASCAR station, we have been bringing you NASCAR coverage for many years, my favorite driver is Dale Earnhardt Jr. he has made the chase this year, but didn't have much luck this past weekend at Dover. The next race is Kansas at 1:00pm of course we will have flag to flag coverage right …