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Angel Celebrates Her Four Year Anniversary At WBKR
Angel Here and I can absolutely not believe I have been working with WBKR four years now.  Some days it feels like 50...kidding kind of but in a good way.  It's like I've always been here with the love I feel from all of you.  LET'S CELEBRATE...
Angel Gets Chad To Act Like A Dog
Angel here! So I always love to play jokes on Chad when he goes out of town. I just happened to get a great video of Chad acting like a dog doing tricks. This is HILARIOUS!!!!!
What Would Chad Look Like As A Woman
Lately I have noticed Facebook has been doing the face changing pictures like what would you look like as a man or a woman or a Hollywood Star. I decided to see what Chad would look like as a woman. I think you might be surprised!
Proof I Can Drive People
Chad claims that last week after I returned from my very first remote I parked the WBKR Red Van a mile from the curb!  All FALSE accusations I assure you.
Chad's Quirky Fears
I've planned on doing this for the longest while and since I am down to my final three weeks here at the station, I thought I best get with it and write my series on "Chad's Fears".
You know from listening on a regular basis that Chad is afraid of many things including clo…

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