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Angel Celebrates Her Four Year Anniversary At WBKR
Angel Here and I can absolutely not believe I have been working with WBKR four years now.  Some days it feels like 50...kidding kind of but in a good way.  It's like I've always been here with the love I feel from all of you.  LET'S CELEBRATE...
Angel Celebrates National DJ Day With Videos
Angel here. Today is National Disc Jockey Day and I am celebrating. I have been with WBKR for 3 and a half years now and the crap Chad, Barb, Brently and the rest of the crew have gotten me into made this job even more fun! So, I'm sharing some of my favorite moments.
Happy Birthday Chad
Angel Here! Today is Chad's 47th Birthday and what kind of co-host would I be if I didn't recognize him in an embarrassing and comical way?!
That's A Good Chad!
Angel here! So I always love to play jokes on Chad when he goes out of town. I just happened to get a great video of Chad acting like a dog doing tricks. This is HILARIOUS!!!!!
Chad's Elton John Impersonation [Video]
Earlier this week, some of music's biggest stars performed their favorite Elton John songs on the TV special Elton John: I'm Still Standing Grammy Salute.  Lady Gaga, John Legend, Kesha, Miranda Lambert, Little Big Town, Maren Morris and more paid tribute to the songs of Elton John and Bernie Taupin.  Here's my contribution to the cause.
Chad Gets A New Look
Lately I have noticed Facebook has been doing the face changing pictures like what would you look like as a man or a woman or a Hollywood Star. I decided to see what Chad would look like as a woman. I think you might be surprised!
It's National Bosses Day
Angel Here! It's National Bosses so naturally I have to celebrate the very best boss in the entire world...Chad Benefield! Yes I said it he is pretty phenomenal for so many reasons.
Angel Celebrates One Year
Angel Here, can you believe it has already been one year since I started my job as the new co-host on the Morning Drive with Chad!?  It's definitely been a year to remember and I want to share some of my favorite moments with you!
Proof I Can Drive People
Chad claims that last week after I returned from my very first remote I parked the WBKR Red Van a mile from the curb!  All FALSE accusations I assure you.

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