A Whataburger is Being Considered in Tennessee
Do you ever see pictures of your friends at a Whataburger and think, "why can't this beacon of burger goodness be closer?" The nearest one to Owensboro is a little over five hours away in Birmingham, Alabama. However, a closer location is being considered.
Top Chefs Are Against Grilling Burgers
What's the first food you think of to throw on the grill? Burgers of course, well maybe hot dogs, however, a couple of prominent chefs are of the opinion burgers should NOT be grilled. And as you would think, this opinion did not go over well.
Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive This Saturday
Saturday . . . when you put your letters in the mailbox for pickup . . . don't forget to put out a bag of non-perishable food items for the 26th annual Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive! Get details here at!

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