All winter long, we've been experiencing above average temperatures WAY more than average or below average temperatures. The winter haters have enjoyed something of a seventh heaven.
The January 3rd, 2000 Tornado
I remember January 3rd, 2000 very well.  It was a holiday here at WBKR studios and I had worked for a couple of hours early that morning.  By that afternoon, it was sunny.  Our temperatures were hovering near 80 degrees and I was ready for a big afternoon nap.  That nap was cut short.  Cut short by …
Tornado Outbreak Possible
The Weather Channel is warning residents of the Ohio Valley that a tornado outbreak could occur today.  In fact, the network's tornado expert Dr. Greg Forbes has placed parts of Western Kentucky in a TOR:CON 6 category.  Here's what that means . . .
Cold Air Funnels in the Boro
The last two days I have received Special Weather Statements from AccuWeather and my Weather Channel app about cold air funnels.  And that got me thinking and asking myself, "What the heck is that?"  So, I did a little research and found some video of one.  Check thi…

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