Tuesday evening is going to be a very memorable and special one for Donna Howard.  After 28 years of teaching at Tamarack Elementary School, Mrs. Howard is officially retiring.  Normally, the school would be organizing a huge party for her and everyone would be making their plans to attend.  However, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, plans for the party have changed slightly to align with recommended social distancing guidelines.

That said, there's still going to be a party!  And it's Tuesday, May 5th at 5pm.  Here's how it's going to work.

The school has organized a car parade for students, their families, Mrs. Howard's coworkers, family and friends.  Mrs. Howard will be on the front porch of Tamarack Elementary School at 5pm as the huge parade of vehicles travels through the parking lot to honor her.

Tamarack Elementary School is located at 1733 Tamarack Road.  Anyone wishing to join in the caravan/retirement parade is encouraged to do so.

Tennille Hinton, who helped organize the event, says, "Donna is truly a wonderful person, in and out of the classroom.  She is very loved and respected."  Tuesday evening, she'll be celebrated!

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