BKR Boot Camp 2019 is in the books.  I am proud to announce that Team Chad has been crowned the champions of WBKR's four-week weight loss challenge at Edge Body Boot Camp and EdgeFit.  We took the title by 3.3 percentage points!  Big shout out to the members of Team Angel, who also worked really hard over the last month to shred it and shed it at the gym.  They were awesome!  And so was Team Chad.  In fact, here are the Top 10 finishers from both teams and their percentage of weight loss over the last four weeks.



#1- Laura Chappell- 7.57%

#2- Garrett Igleheart- 7.13%

#3- Shelia Jackson- 6.24%

#4- Terry Payne- 5.59%

#5- Susan Wallace- 5.58%

#6- Danielle Adams- 5.31%

#7- John Michael Morris- 4.63%

#8- Stevie Gray- 3.51%

#9- Gay Roby- 2.8%

#10- Jeff Jackson- 2.59%

For placing first, Laura Chappell wins a one year FREE membership to Edge Body Boot Camp!  Garrett Igleheart snagged himself a six-month membership.  For finishing third, fourth and fifth, Sheila Jackson, Terry Payne and Susan Wallace each snagged a three-month membership!

Here are the results from Team Angel . . .


#1- Brett Beckwith- 8.17%

#2- Angie Satterfield- 5.81%

#3- Shelly Newcom- 5.14%

#4- Katie Bryant- 4.91%

#5- Adam Willis- 4.68%

#6- Renee Sutter- 4.65%

#7- Terry Adams- 4.55%

#8- Ginny Layman- 3.74%

#9- Megan Rhoads- 3.44%

#10- Melissa Daugherty- 2.53%

For his amazing result, the best of the entire contest by the way, Brett wins a one-year membership.  Angie Satterfield snags a six-month membership.  Shelly, Katie and Adam each win a three-month membership!

Congratulations to everyone who participated in BKR Boot Camp this year.  Keep up the good work!

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