If you missed LEGENDARY LIVE Saturday, you missed an amazing afternoon and evening of great country music.  As you guys know, I was the emcee of the show and our very own midday gal, Jaclyn Graves, actually performed!  And, I must say, she was awesome and right at home on the stage with some of the biggest stars in country music.  But some of the best action took place BEHIND THE SCENES.  We were there too!!! And, the best news, we had a video camera!  So, what do you think???  You wanna peak backstage???

Here's video of Jaclyn getting ready for her big LEGENDARY LIVE debut.  You may want to shield your eyes.  Ain't nothing about this footage that's attractive!!

Luckily for all of us . . . and everyone who paid the price of admission . . . Jaclyn cleaned up real nice!  You've seen the BEFORE picture!  If you haven't yet turned to stone like you looked at Medusa head-on, take a look at the AFTER picture!

Whew!  Thank goodness you can slap some putty and industrial paint on a girl and send her out of the camper into the word!!    Shortly before taking the stage to perform, Jaclyn met up with WBKR listener Debbie Anderson and some faithful JAC PACK members, who were already getting their beer goggles on!  By the way, it was about 12:30 in the afternoon!   Two words girls . . . Betty Ford!

Jaclyn then took the stage and I went out front to capture a performance of "Start With Goodbye" . . . the lead off track on Jac's debut CD TAILGATER!  As you'll see, the gals from the JAC PACK were digging it, until a cup of beer died a tragic and horrible death!

As you saw in the "Before Pic" video (assuming your retinas didn't get burned looking at her), Jaclyn had an official ARTIST badge.  Because she was an official artist, she got to do a MEET & GREET!  It was really cool until her nephews brought her back down to Earth!

After leaving her meet and greet, Jaclyn met and greeted (like a sorority girl who finally found the boy she wanted to ask to formal) Brett Eldredge!!  The video was going great until the camera guy was forced by Jaclyn to undress Brett with camera lens!  Watch Brett's face . . . PRICELESS!!!!  He's redder than a baboon's butt!

After Brett ran away . . . screaming for his life . . . Jaclyn hooked up with the girls from Stoney's in Evansville and decided to add a new dimension to her stage show . . . DANCE!!!  You play that funky music, you vanilla white girl!  You show that hooka, Beyonce, who's boss!!

Everyone backstage was autograph-hungry . . . and, though Jaclyn's nephews weren't totally impressed with her level of stardom, they did manage to snag some signatures from some folks they thought were REAL stars!!  LOL!  And, when we say they "snagged" signatures, they really wore them on their sleeves and then some . . .

But the twins weren't the only relatives of Jaclyn's that made the trip to LEGENDARY LIVE!  Her mother, Janet, was on hand as well!  And, as usual, Janet was running around like she's in episode of Toddlers and Tiaras!  Janet's sweet, hilarious and brutally honest . . . all at the same time!  So, naturally, I had to turn the camera on her and see if she thought Jaclyn's performance was LEGENDARY!

Most of the stars of LEGENDARY were hanging out all day!  Lo Cash was great!  Brett Eldredge is super-nice.  Jason Michael Carroll hung out with us for hours (and he's a hugger).  Troy Gentry went for a bike ride midday.  Rodney Atkins pulled me by the arm to thank Jac and I for his rousing intro!  (I have introduced a lot of concert acts and no one has ever thanked me before!  THAT WAS AWESOME!!  Rodney is unbelievable nice and gracious).  But, Kellie Pickler, was . . . well . . . a little elusive!  (And, I'm trying REALLY hard to be nice and diplomatic about this!!!!!)  Suffice it say, we didn't see a whole lot of her.  Nor did our little friend, Conner, who was trying desperately to get her autograph.  Here's what happened . . .

Conner, you learned a valuable lesson at LEGENDARY!  The guy doesn't always get the girl!  But that's okay!  You got Jaclyn!  And Jaclyn and I had an absolute BLAST at Legendary Live.  Huge shout-outs to Todd West and Larry Roberts and their partners.  This event was AMAZING!!  The setting was beautiful, the weather was awesome (I'm so tan I could be deported to Columbia any day), and the concert was terrific.  Jaclyn, Lo Cash, Brett, Jason, Rodney and Montgomery Gentry . . . thanks for making the day truly LEGENDARY!  Kellie, you really owe Conner an autograph!

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