Kentucky has its fair share of legends. It's been about a decade ago that I first heard about the Sheepsquatch.

It's a nine-foot tall creature that's half man and half sheep. Sounds like a villain on an episode of Scooby Doo, doesn't it? But there are folks who swear they've seen it.

And, of course, there's the Pope Lick Monster--a beast that's part man, part goat, and part sheep. (By the way, does Kentucky get all the "sheep-based" monsters because of our love of mutton and they're just getting revenge?)

Anyway, the Pope Lick Monster patrols and haunts an old train trellis near Louisville and has become quite the legend in his own right. Eat your heart out, Bigfoot.

And, well, that brings us to Bigfoot. I remember we had a sighting here in Daviess County when I was eight years old. What an eyewitness thought was Bigfoot was spotted out on Fairview Drive, but I don't remember anything coming of it afterward.

But he may have just moved on to Henderson County and Spottsville and been given the name "The Spottsville Monster." Thing is, those who claim to have seen this monster claim there was more than one.

Look, I'm not ruling anything out after I got a tap on my shoulder while in my grandfather's VACANT apartment a week after he died.

And since I believe there are all KINDS of animal species that have yet to be discovered simply because scientists, zoologists, and researchers can't get to them for whatever reasons, I can't 100% decry the existence of certain creatures that COULD be considered cryptids--animals that have been claimed to exist even though there's no proof.

I'm not alone in my refusal to completely discount some of these legends, either. Ron Coffey and Barton Nunnelly are a couple of authors who've written extensively about Kentucky cryptids. Coffey's written a book called Kentucky Cryptids: "Monsters" of the Bluegrass State while Nunnelly has published multiple tomes on the topic--Mysterious Kentucky, Vols I & II, The Inhumanoids, and Bigfoot in Kentucky.

So the Spottsville Monster, huh? It's not that far away. Maybe I need to invest a little legwork into my own investigation.

If so, I'll certainly let you know what I learn.

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