Ah, snow! That OTHER four-letter word. Loved by some. Hated by some. It's the only thing that makes winter beautiful. It can also make it a full-on nightmare.

So, regardless how accurate they are, considering they're predicting what will happen, sometimes MONTHS from now, I always look when a website such as Time.com says something like, "See What Winter Will Be Like Where You Live."

In January of 1994, I believe there was a prediction of about six inches of snow that turned into 17.

My Chevy Citation looked like an igloo.

So I took a look at the map and saw that, as of right now, we can expect NORMAL temperatures.

That's still cold, but it IS winter.

So I cursored down and found that, yep, our precipitation should be normal as well.

I take that to mean we WILL get snow, but maybe not mountains of it. Maybe.

So take a look. See what you think.

And make preparations accordingly.