So, I need to be careful here, in case there are those of you who have not finished the first two seasons of one of the hottest Netflix offerings since the popular streaming service's inception.

Actually, I need to be careful for two reasons. I'm not caught up on Cobra Kai either. And I'll admit (likely, to the horror of many) that I wasn't really on board when I started watching it. It felt a little stiff to me and I wasn't terribly impressed with the performances.

But far too many people, whose opinions I respect, were constantly in my ear about the Karate Kid films' sequel that I decided to go back and re-watch. And I came away with a newfound respect.

Nostalgia, nostalgia, nostalgia.

I mean to tell you, Cobra Kai has launched me back to summer 1984 every time I watch an episode. (I try not to binge when I like something; I like to stretch it out. But it's hard.)

I miss the great Pat Morita, but at least we have Ralph Macchio, William Zabka, and Martin Kove to flex that memory muscle.

Now, having rhapsodized quite a bit about Cobra Kai, get ready for the trailer for season three. And if you're not caught up, maybe you shouldn't look (but I bet you do):

Cobra Kai season three premieres on Netflix this January 8th. It looks like a lot of campy fun. This whole series was a terrific idea. Kudos.


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