I don't like to talk politics on these pages, but I think this news supercedes any political philosophies just because of its noteworthiness. Donald Trump, as you may know, has decided he will not run for president. And this will come as very good news to--among others--fans of Celebrity Apprentice, a show he could not continue if he ran.

Politics aside, one of the reasons that I think would have kept The Donald from being a good president is how thin-skinned he seems to be. I've seen the clip--from the White House correspondents' dinner--where Seth Meyers makes a Trump joke and Donald is clearly not pleased. I mean, we have a long history of comedians making jokes about the president and you simply have to be able to take it. Anyway, it's back to Celebrity Apprentice--a far more suitable setting for Mr. Trump. I mean, my gosh, he just likes saying "You're fired!" way too much.

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