Geez, guys, don't you know that only TOM CRUISE can pull off crap like that? Come on! Who do you think you are?

Well...they think they're a couple of guys who don't feel like studying for an important exam so, since they're GENIUSES, they'll try to LOWER themselves down into a locked classroom from an air duct and just steal the test.

It's ironic that they were trying to steal a STATISTICS exam since, statistically speaking, there was no way this was going to work out.

And it really didn't help University of Kentucky students Troy Kiphuth and Henry Lynch II that their instructor was working late that night and caught them.

They're both 21-years-old. They're probably juniors.

Just one more year, fellas.

Well, now it'll be a bright, shiny third-degree burglary charge and probably a meeting with a dean or two.

Maybe even the provost. (I have no idea, I've just always liked that word.)

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