When a business shutters but leaves its facility standing, speculation is rampant about what will go into the old place.

It was that way when the K-mart on West Parrish Avenue closed down a few years ago.

Here was this great big building just sitting empty.

Well, thanks to U-Haul, it won't be empty much longer.

While you can always rent a U-Haul vehicle in Owensboro--I did it just last month--the city has never had its own U-Haul retail and self-storage facility until now.

Markets Insider reveals that U-Haul purchased the building on September 14th and that there will be about 400 indoor self-storage units available when the facility is fully up and running.

And that, according to U-Haul Company of Louisville president Chris Nester--who spoke with Markets Insider--should happen in 2019.

U-Haul will "maintain a staff of six or more team members" and is "encouraging local contractors to bid on renovation work."

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