Now, before we get into all the "Do you believe aliens exist?" stuff, let's have a refresher course on what a UFO is.

Always keep in mind that it stands for "unidentified flying object," and, honestly, because it's that, I can't help but wonder why we don't hear about them more often.

I saw one coming back from Pogue and Muhlenberg County earlier this year. I went on to assume is some sort of legitimate aircraft, but it looked very odd and seemed to hover. And, no, I couldn't identify it.

And, if you want to get technical, a BIRD is an "unidentified flying object" if you haven't identified it yet.

But that's no fun. We enjoy thinking of UFOs as aliens, whether they exist or not.

As it turns out, enough people take it seriously that there's a National UFO Reporting Center.

And the site is broken down by state, so, yes, Kentucky as its own page.

It looks like there were a couple of sightings right here in our own backyards back in August.

When you post a report to the Center, you are anonymous. They'll even delete your name and phone number if you post it, like the one from Owensboro.

Now, you can judge for yourself how valid any of the claims on this website are and some sound pretty outrageous.

But some don't. Those are usually the ones that sound like there's probably a very logical explanation involved.

The one from Hartford details the sighting of three bright lights over Hartford that don't appear to the contributor to be stars.

Again, there are likely logical explanations behind many of these sightings. And, we naturally cannot rule out the possibility that some folks are just having fun and making it all up.

But, yes, there IS a website where you can report UFOs.

Whether it goes any farther than that remains to be seen.

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