All week Life Community Church tried hard to get Tim Tebow to come to Owensboro for their "Night to Shine" event on Friday. Well... Owensboro went crazy when they saw Tebow's Instagram photo last night!

So, this is the photo that Tim posted last night on his Instagram page. It looks JUST like the Owensboro airport or so many of us thought when we saw it! Our phones were going crazy asking us if he was in town.  I even thought he brought Chris Young with him.... a girl can dream can't she?

Then we did some investigating.

Tim Tebow via Instagram
Tim Tebow via Instagram

Turns out there's an airport near Jacksonville that looks just like ours. Darn it! Tim started his day in Haiti Friday and ended up flying into Florida for a surprise visit to a "Night to Shine" event there.

Rascal Flatts even headlined the event and that’s Gary Levox in the photo with Tim. Pretty cool I think! Just wish they were here and that was OUR airport!

Hey, maybe next year Tim will surprise us in Owensboro!

"Night to Shine" is such an amazing event and I hope everyone still had a beautiful evening even without a Tim Tebow appearance!

This is how he kicked off "Night to Shine 2017"

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