Earlier today, the qualifiers for the grand prize giveaway of our new contest, Trip or No Trip, showed up at Blue Star Restoration for a chance to win one of four trips to the Holiday Inn Resort in Panama City Beach, Florida!  Big congratulations out to Kim Lake, Dawn Seals, Tammy Asbury and Greg Coke.  Each chose a lucky "suitcase" that contained a 3-day, 2-night stay at the resort.  Now, they're headed to PCB in May with me and Angel.  Yep!  We're going on vacation!!  And we have video of each person winning.

The first lucky winner of the morning was Kim Lake of Whitesville, Kentucky!  She was so excited and emotional.  Her reaction was priceless!

Then, Dawn Seal of Jasper came through!!

Tammy Asbury, who was the very first Trip or No Trip qualifier when we started playing on the air four weeks ago, earned the third lucky suitcase of the day!

And, believe it or not, the suspense was insane as the final trip up for grabs (against overwhelming odds) was encased in one of our final two suitcases.  Melissa and Greg stood side by side to see who would be joining us in PCB!  Here's how it played out . . .

Congrats to all of our winners and thanks to everyone who came out today for the grand prize event.  And, of course, a HUGE thanks to Blue Star Restoration and the Holiday Inn Resort in Panama City Beach, Florida.

And Kim, Dawn, Tammy and Greg, get ready!!  We are going to PCB, BABY!!!!!


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