Miranda Lambert is bringing her brand new tour, the Wildcard Tour, to the Ford Center in Evansville on Saturday, January 25th.  Here at WBKR, we're celebrating with YOUR chance to win FRONT ROW tickets and, yes, MEET & GREET passes!!  Here's what you need to do to win.

Starting Monday, January 6th, we're playing WILDCARD!  We're going to take a regular deck of playing cards and give you the chance to win one of the cards.  Each weekday between 6am and 7pm, we'll have one opportunity per hour for you to secure your very own "wildcard."  Each day, we'll give out all the cards in one particular suit.

Monday, January 6th- HEARTS

Tuesday, January 7th- CLUBS

Wednesday, January 8th- DIAMONDS

Thursday, January 9th- SPADES

Each hour, listen for us to announce the card you're playing for and, when you hear the Wildcard cue-to-call, be the correct caller you need to be to win it.  For example- if we announce we're playing for the Two of Clubs, you have to be Caller #2.  If we're playing for the Nine of Diamonds, you have to be Caller #9.  If we're playing for the Jack of Hearts, you need to be Caller #11.  If we're playing for the Ace of Spades, you need to be Caller #1.

The WBKR studio lines are as follows: 270-926-WBKR or 1-800-844-WBKR.  Or you can simply hit "CALL" on the WBKR app.

We'll play WILDCARD until all the cards have been given away.  And, yes!  You can win more than one card.

Then, on Friday, January 10th, we'll have a "reverse" shuffle.  Each hour, we'll randomly draw cards from all suits.  We'll eliminate 4 cards per hour beginning at 6am.  We'll announce those cards on air, online and on the WBKR Facebook page.  If we announce your card(s), you are eliminated from grand prize consideration.  However, in the 6pm hour, we'll only eliminate three of the remaining four cards.  The last card remaining will be WBKR's Wildcard.  The person who claimed that card earlier in the week will be declared the official winner of FRONT ROW tickets and MEET and GREETS!

Worth playing for?  Heck yeah it is!  So, stay tuned to WBKR and get ready to play WILDCARD.  We'll have the first card up for grabs in the 6am hour on Monday, January 6th.

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