I've passed it so many times, I've lost count. Heck, we all have. I mean, it's the General Electric building and it's on one of Owensboro's busiest roads. I'd imagine EVERYONE wonders what, if anything, is to become of this landmark.

Among currently empty properties in Owensboro, it has one of the highest profiles and due largely, I'm guessing, to its history as a huge employer in the city AND the fact that, well, it's just so darn big.

I mean, if the building isn't going be used anymore, what about the land on which it sits?

These are questions that drive me to Google to search "GE building Owensboro" from time to time just to see if anything has popped.

And, what do you know, something popped.

The deadline for offers to be received by the property's owner, Hilco Real Estate, was Thursday.

And 14News/WFIE's Shaelie Clark reports that those offers came in. She also says that after speaking with Hilco, WFIE learned that the company is currently reviewing the offers.

According to Hilco's website, the property is worth $3.2 million.

I grew up not far from the GE building. I used to ride my over in that area.

It's always been in my periphery, so I'm naturally very interested in seeing what happens.


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