This is the amazing story of a ring . . . and its journey back to its owners.  This ring was found at Cheddar's here in Owensboro and it contained very specific clues about the man who owned it. The only problem was finding him.

Autumn Grady's family members were dining at Cheddar's on Hwy 54 about a month ago and they found this wedding band.  The ring had initials on the inside and a date.  That date- 4-11-55. The Grady family fully expected that Cheddar's would call when the owner of the ring returned to claim it.  But that call never came.  So, Autumn took the mission to Facebook where she shared this photo of the ring.  And, then, her Facebook family stepped up to the plate and REALLY shared it.  1,205 shares later, the owner was located!

Cheddar's general manager Steve Roberts messaged Autumn to alert her that the owner had contacted the restaurant.  Roxanne Whelan also saw and commented on the post.  The ring belongs to her father-in-law.  So the owner's son, Mike Whelan, reached out, shared his dad's phone number with Autumn and the ring was back in (or on) the hand of the owner.

And the Whelans are THRILLED!  They have been together for 61 years and that ring . . . lost for a bit . . . is a powerful reminder of the unity that binds them.

Autumn sends a huge shout-out to the Facebook community for embarking on this Lord of the Rings like quest to get the ring back to its owner.  And, well, you'll have to pardon the pun . . . but the story is PRECIOUS!