Dave Spencer
Dave Spencer

While looking for tape in my desk drawer at work the other day, I came across a Texas Roadhouse gift card.

I could not, for the life of me, remember how I got it or why I came to get it, but there it was, just the same.

But was it any good?

I figured I'd just go out to Owensboro's Texas Roadhouse and find out.

But I just happened to look on the card's flip side and noticed a phone number I could call to check my balance.

It makes perfect sense that that phone number is there, but I'd never seen one like that on any gift card I'd ever received.

(And I've received a lot of them because, let's face it, they make GREAT gifts. Maybe they're the perfect gifts.)

Here's the best part--the card was full.

It had $25 on it. Score!

It is now empty, as you can imagine, and will now make for a very handy bookmark.



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