As he wraps his first-ever major headlining arena tour, Jelly Roll is looking back on 2023 with gratitude.

In an emotional social media post, the singer reflects on his lengthy Backroad Baptism Tour, including not only the show dates themselves but also the three television appearances and the nearly 20 stops at homeless shelters, jails, rehab centers and juvenile facilities he visited in the midst of the tour.

Not only did Jelly mount a successful, far-reaching headlining tour, but he also committed a dollar of every ticket sale to charity organizations for at-risk youth, ultimately raising $590,000 for that cause.

"I never even dreamed that this would be possible," the singer writes. "My gratitude is at [an] all-time high. I got emotional every night on stage — seeing the impact of these songs. Seeing people laughing, dancing, crying together was something I'll never forget."

But after working hard to make every night a special experience, Jelly says, he's exhausted.

"I am home and fighting a cold, the road ran me down pretty bad this time," he admits, explaining that he's got a plan to rest and re-calibrate for the remainder of the year.

"I'm going to get rid of my phone again and go phoneless for the rest of the year to focus on family and try to be as present as possible for my family," Jelly continues. "I'll be posting when I can from the iPad or my wife's phone. Thank y'all for the most incredible tour."

Jelly Roll says that the experience of seeing his songs' impact live and in-person on the Backroad Baptism Tour had a huge impact on him. "When I started writing songs when I was a kid I did it as a means of therapy and way of connection. I never in my wildest imagination would've thought that it could've ended up in arenas," he says.

"I'm learning to be fearless and dream bigger," he adds, "because my plans were small compared to the plans God had for me."

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