Yep!!  Here at, we are giving away $1000 in fireworks in our Fireworks Frenzy contest sponsored by Federal Fire and Safety.  And I thought we'd show you some of the fireworks that are going to be included in the prize package.  I happen to be a fireworks freak and I have picked out some of my favorites for our prize pack.  You guys are gonna love these things. 

This 500-gram finale is called Open Fire.  It is a seasonal best-seller and packs all kinds of punch. It truly is the perfect grand finale for your 4th of July celebration!  Just light the fuse and stand back.  It does all the work!

We're also throwing in a couple of more "grand finales" for you.  These two products were launched last year and they are beautiful.  This one is called "Greeen" (yes, with an extra "e") and you're about to see why . . .

We're also including Greeen's companion piece.  It's completely red and is called Dragon.  Gives whole new meaning to the lyric "The rockets' red glare!"

We're also including some smaller cakes that are personal favorites of mine.  This one is called Grapes Over Vineyard.  You won't believe the punch this 200-grammer packs.  This just rocks!

And this will add some 'Crackle' to your show.  This is called Crackling Color Palm.  Lots of folks I know used this last year and swore by it.

In addition to cakes and finales, we're also including Excalibur artillery shells.  Trust me on this.  You're friends are gonna feel like they're at a professional fireworks show when you start launching these things.  They really are "bombs bursting in air!"  WATCH!

We're also gonna toss in some Zeus artillery shells for you!  These shells offer some really cool breaks and some colors not normally seen in artillery shells.  We think you're gonna love em!

Plus, we're gonna throw stuff in for kids too!  All your traditional favorites like firecrackers, sparklers, bottle rockets, roman candles, fountains and more.

And we're tossing in a couple of really cool novelties for the kids like this one!  This is the Frog Prince.  We love this guy and your kiddos will too!

And everyone loves chasing after parachutes!   I'm 41 and I still do it.  LOL!  So, we're going to include Parachute Battalion, which is the perfect way to start a night of fireworks.  Just before it gets dark, light the Battalion and watch the sky fill up with parachutes.  The kids are gonna love it.  And, for the sake of your lawn mower, make them chase them!

To enter to win our Fireworks Frenzy contest, CLICK HERE!  And good luck!


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