Okay, so my Mother declared last week, we--me and Dad included--we were going to clean out my sister's old room and we were going to take a bunch of my items when I had moved home almost three years ago--my sister's room is where all of it ended up--and restore my sister's room to its somewhat original state.  All I have to say is, WOW!  What a mega-pack rat I am.  I save just about EVERYTHING, and I'm talking old notebooks from both school and college, concert ticket stubs, keepsakes from friends' weddings, keepsakes from prom and high school, over 1,000 cds and cassettes (remember those?), autographed items, tons of pictures, and a modest baseball card collection; and by modest, I mean seven boxes worth!?!?  I have an album of cards I think might be worth something, and hey, now that Barry Bonds has been convicted of at least one crime, that card above may go up in value. 

I also found various pictures of me as a basketball player:


Yep! A little frightening!  I gave up basketball after 8th grade, but I continued with softball, tennis, and marching band in high school.  Seriously, what do you do with old trophies?  If anyone has any ideas, let me know; I'm not sure where those will end up and half of them belong to Dad.  You see, Dad is a big-time pack rat too.  He's all about nostalgia and thanks to the internet, he's even more inquistive about the past, yet, we've ended up with more clutter.  Not anymore!  I also found several aircheck tapes of when I first opened a mic at WKU; I may post those another time, but I promise you, I sound A LOT different.  Another interesting find we came across the past three days were all of mine and my sister's dance recital costumes.  Mom decided to donate a few, but she absolutely refused to give up my first one from when I was a dandelion and in the middle of our routine, I had to run off stage to pee!  Unfortunately, I'm unable to upload a picture, alas, you're stuck with seeing me with training wheels, you're welcome.

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