Yeah, we're still in the heat of summer, but the Owensboro Convention Center is going to be serving up a five-course Christmas dinner at next week's Cork & Cuisine event.  That's right.  Why wait until December to have Christmas dinner when you can have it in August?

Here's a look at the menu for the event:

Owensboro Convention Center
Owensboro Convention Center

I can tell you from experience that Cork & Cuisine events are delicious and fun.  In addition to tremendous food and wine and alcohol pairings, there are really fun giveaways and some of the theme nights inspire hilarious and clever outfit and costume choices.

If you'd like to join us for the Christmas in August event, you can secure your tickets by CLICKING HERE.  Individual tickets are $65.25 a piece.  Or there's a "Couples Special" which allows you to purchase two tickets for $115 ($57.50 per person).

Christmas in August begins at 6pm.

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