On Tuesday, I had a lunch meeting in Evansville at the Backstage Bar and Grill near The Ford Center.  Everything looked delicious and I contemplated what to get for what seemed like a half hour.  But, I finally decided to get the sandwich featured right in the middle of the menu.  It's called the Zirkelbyrd-ger.  Now, I'll admit that I have no idea how to say that.  Honestly, my waitress didn't either.  LOL!.  But, it doesn't matter because I can definitely say this.  It's absolutely freaking delicious and is one of the best sandwiches in the tristate.

Check this out!  That, my friends, is the Zirkelbyrd-ger (named for Backstage Bar and Grill owner Kevin Zirkelbach).  As it says on the menu, it's what you get when a "Chicken Waffle Meets Grilled Cheese!"


It's two waffles filled with delicious Backstage Bar and Grill's chicken tenders.  Plus, there's bacon, American and provolone cheese and the sandwich is covered with maple-flavored pancake syrup.  And the sandwich comes with a hefty side of sweet potato fries.  And it's only $9.99!

Backstage Bar and Grill is located at 524 Main Street in Evansville, Indiana.


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