When I was in college, a popular topic of conversation was the fact that legendary horror film director John Carpenter (Halloween, The Fog) had been a student at Western Kentucky University and that he had used several Bowling Green area names--even a radio frequency--in those movies.

Another Horror Icon's Kentucky Connection

Well now, it looks like Carpenter isn't the only legendary horror movie director with a connection to Kentucky. Who's the other? Well, he's an icon who is no longer with us, but he gave us an EQUALLY iconic film in the late 1960s that has served as an influence to countless others.

Made on the very cheap, the legendary George A. Romero essentially invented a genre without which we would never have had the likes of The Walking Dead--an icon on its own--or The Last of Us or any of several more titles. Talk about a groundbreaker.

Romero's in Mt. Sterling KY

While Romero's celluloid legacy lives on, his son George C. Romero is creating a legacy of his own in Mt. Sterling KY. But this one's a CULINARY legacy called Romero's, a restaurant George C. owns with his wife Rebecca. And it's not like they shy away from Romero's Hollywood roots--he has film credits of his own--as you'll see on the restaurant's "Meet the Crew" page.

But the website does reveal that here is one thing they DO shy away from:

As co-owner & Executive Chef of Romero’s, George has never been interested in frozen foods that get deep fried & served, low quality ingredients, or anything that needs to be microwaved; in fact, Romero’s does NOT have a microwave in the kitchen.

And who would want their pasta reheated in a microwave anyway? Yes, while there are multiple sections to the Romero's menu, the biggest one is all about the pasta. Romero's has even made a gluten-free offering that uses potatoes instead of noodles, an ingenious idea and a taste-tempting one for those who DON'T need a gluten-free menu item.

If you find yourself in Mt. Sterling, about 36 miles east of Lexington on Interstate 64, maybe you'll want to check out a relatively new restaurant that has ZOMBIES in its DNA.

That would certainly be enough for me.

[SOURCE: kentucky.com]

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