I am gonna do it!  I have emceed this event for years and Sunday, for the first time ever, I am actually going to attempt the Trek!  Yep!  I am gonna RUN 13 miles from Calhoun to West Louisville.  And, yes!  It appears that I am clearly out of my mind, but trust me when I tell you this event . . . this annual Trek that folks take by foot or by bike . . . is for a great cause.  A couple of years ago, I caught up with founder David Yewell on the Trek course and asked him how the event got started.  Check this out!

David's commitment to the St. Joseph's Peace Mission and the Yewell Boys' Home is definitely paying off and participation in this event grows each year!

You should make your plans to attend the 16th annual event coming up tomorrow!  It's an absolute blast and a very uplifting and affirming way to spend a Sunday morning!  For a suggested donation of $25, you can bike, run, or walk 13 miles from the river in Calhoun up to Hwy 815.  From there, we head to Hwy 56 for a big party and cookout at David's house on Hwy 56 in West Louisville!

Yep!  It really is a "trek", but one you can make with friends, family, or co-workers.  Heck, you can even fly solo if you wish!   And please be sure to look for my crumpled body.  Chances are it will be somewhere on Hwy 815.  The buzzards will probably be a dead giveaway (pardon the pun)!

Again, proceeds raised benefit the St. Joseph's Peace Mission for Children and the Yewell Boys' Home and the fundraising effort continues year-round.  And YOU can be a part of it anytime!  To learn more about the Mission, the youngsters it serves and the complete services provided, visit the website www.stjosephpeacemission.com/!

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