If folks in the Big Apple are looking for a change of pace--a SERIOUS change of pace--they'll find it in the New York Times.

And WHAT they'll find is an advertisement for an estate in Whitesville, Kentucky.

And not just an estate...an ENORMOUS spread that is listed for...get ready...$25,000,000!

While the ad is currently in the New York Times, it originated at Sotheby's, the legendary auction house, and its real estate site.

Anyway, this magnificent estate--at 25 Anderson Trail North--sits on 750 acres and features 14 bedrooms, 14 full baths, six partial baths and sports a 27,000 square foot interior.

How could you not see this from the MOON?

But wait, there's more. There are actually THREE homes on this one estate which also features a 60-acre lake and an 8000 square foot commercial building.

I can see why Sotheby's took this one.

I guess my next move is to go try and find this place.

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