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Panda Express Coming To Owensboro
New restaurants have been popping up all over Owensboro.   From Chicken Salad Chick to Juicy Crab and now we're adding Panda Express to the mix.
I am not sure I have ever seen Chad drool so much talking about one meal.  As he so vividly described sinking his giant teeth into a bow…
Did You Know You Can Hunt A Killer From Home?
Some people like to hunt deer others like to hunt murderers.  If you like solving crimes or you love a good murder mystery Hunt A Killer Murder Mystery is for you.
Angel here and my husband, Joe, is obsessed with all things serial killer, murder mystery, if it has something to do with killing an…
Is There Going To Be A Sweet Home Alabama Sequel?
Sweet Home Alabama is one of those movies that you can sit down and watch over and over and it never gets old.  Where the right guy gets the girl and you swoon chin in hand dreaming as a teen girl of finding a guy like Josh Lucas or hey maybe your type is Mr...

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