Yes, friends, it's time for another road rant. I don't like to do them because all it means is that someone did something pretty foolish and almost caused a huge accident.

I was driving down to Muhlenberg County for my Pogue road show Wednesday when I got in behind two behind two pickup trucks.

The truck that was two ahead of me was moving slowly.

But that's because it was about to turn left off of US 431.

Now here's where I start shaking my head because this is one of those things you really shouldn't have to remind people.

The truck directly in front of me pulled out and passed the other truck just has it was about to MAKE that left turn.

Needless to say the driver slammed on the brakes (and saluted the passing motorist the way many of us do in situations like this, if you know what I mean.)

The thing is, there shouldn't BE situations like this!

If you see that someone is turning left, don't pass them.

Pretty simple.

Now, see, I didn't have to remind YOU of that, did I?


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