He's back!  Jon Lovell, the British guy we introduced you to a couple of weeks ago when he shared his YouTube video in which he tried to pronounce the names of various cities/counties in Kentucky, is back with another video.  In this one, Jon's "learning Kentucky" and trying to understand some of our strange, funny and random laws.  For instance, he even tackles a couple of strange laws on the books here in Owensboro, where it's illegal for a woman to purchase a hat without the permission of her husband.  LOL.  Watch.

If you missed the previous video we shared, here's Jon trying his very best to pronounce the names of various cities and counties in Kentucky.  Many from the WBKR listening area are included: Daviess, Muhlenberg, Hancock and Crittenden.

Jon's fiance is from Kentucky and Jon has plans to move to the Commonwealth soon.  So, he continues sharing hilarious videos in which he's learning the law and lay of the land.

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